My pet has a behavior issue/has bitten. Will you euthanize?

I am willing to assist pets with severe behavior issues.  Please be aware of the following requirements:

*If there has been a bite, we will need to schedule the euthanasia at least 10 days after the bite (ANY bite, human or animal).  This is per state law.  If you do not wish to wait 10 days, or do not feel that you can keep your pet from biting again for 10 days, you will need to arrange a euthanasia with a traditional clinic so they can do a rabies test (this is a test I am not able to provide).

*I require in all behavior cases that I speak with a veterinarian, veterinary behaviorist, or trainer who has evaluated your pet for the behavior problem.  Euthanasia should not be taken lightly, and I seek to ensure that we are making the right decision for everyone involved.  While I am willing to help, I want it to be the right thing to do.

*In the event that we decide that euthanasia is the appropriate course of action, I need to be able to safely approach your pet to administer sedation.  You are welcome to speak with your current vet about options for pre-appointment oral sedatives.  I can not provide sedation to be given prior to the appointment (it is illegal to prescribe medications for a pet we have not examined).  Please notify me if you feel that this cannot be safely done.

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